About The Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
About The Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation The Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Inc. (BTCF) is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt community foundation that was established in 1987 to improve the quality of life in the Berkshire Taconic region. BTCF's main focus is the more than 3,000 square miles of Litchfield County, Connecticut; Berkshire County, Massachusetts; and Columbia and Dutchess Counties, New York, within which are 111 towns, villages, and cities and a population numbering 654,000. To date, over 346 separate funds have been established, totaling nearly $25 million, by individuals as part of their philanthropic goals and by charitable not-for-profit institutions and agencies. The BTCF pools, manages and invests these philanthropic dollars and assists in their distribution to charitable endeavors throughout the region. In 1999, over $4.5 million was distributed through BTCF's funds to charitable causes.

To fulfill BTCF's mission is to improve the quality of life, the Foundation...

  • Provides leadership and helps identify and address evolving community needs and to seek innovative solutions.
  • Acquires charitable funds to build permanent endowments for current and future community needs.
  • Assists donors in creating permanent funds to anticipate and meet community needs, and distributes proceeds in accordance with the donor's intent.
  • Prudently manages the Foundation's resources to achieve the maximum benefit for the Berkshire Taconic area in perpetuity.
  • Provides creative leadership to identify current and future community needs.
  • Serves as a catalyst to meet needs through convening groups, cultivating philanthropy, providing advice, and financial assistance.
  • Assists individuals in the region who wish to develop and perpetuate their philanthropic goals.
  • Advises donors in grant-making options.
  • Professionally invests and manages these philanthropic funds.
  • Creates permanently endowed funds.
  • Distributes grants to charitable organizations whose missions support education, arts and culture, the environment, health and social services.

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