Non-profits - get involved!
Not-For-Profits - Get Involved Not-for-profit organizations can purchase the CD at a discounted rate to use for fund-raising or other purposes. They have two ways to take advantage of this.

1. $9/CD. Non-profits who buy CDs outright. They can then give them as gifts or resell them for a profit at events, through their catalog, at their store or through other marketing efforts.

To order or for more information please:

A. Pre-pay By Check
Fill out the form that the link below leads to, print and mail it with a copy of federal non-profit id number and check to: 86 Blunt Road Great Barrington, MA 01230

B. Pay By Credit Card
Fill out the form that the link below leads to, print and fax it with copy of federal non-profit id number to: 413-528-6047

(Any questions about this can be addressed to Alexcia WhiteCrow, Project Coordinator:
413-528-6047 (fax); 413-528-9981 (voice)

2. $9.50/CD. Non-profits who do not have a way to process all aspects of CD sales but would like to participate can have their orders processed through our fulfillment house. These non-profit organizations would still have the responsibility of generating the sales through direct mail pieces, events, or other marketing efforts but the actual ordering and shipping of these CDs would happen through our fulfillment house.

For further details please email, fax or call Alexcia WhiteCrow, Project Coordinator
413-528-6047 (fax); 413-528-9981 (voice)

Click HERE for the not-for-profit order form